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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Servings 8 Servings


  • ¼ cup olive oil prepared with achiote
  • ½ cup sofrito
  • 6 oz. chopped cooking ham
  • 4 cups medium grain rice
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 2 fried and chopped ripe plantains
  • 1 cup bell pepper (sweet drops)
  • cup chopped fresh coriander
  • Salt to taste


  • Prepare the ripe ones. Peel the ripe plantains and cut into flakes. Fry in corn oil until golden brown. Let cool and cut into pieces.
  • Prepare the rice. In a medium saucepan add the olive oil, sofrito, cooking ham and cook at medium heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the broth, heat to a boil, add the rice and cook over medium heat for 20-25 minutes. Add the maduritos, bell pepper and minced fresh coriander and cook for 5-8 minutes. Serve hot.
  • NOTE: To prepare the achiote in olive oil. In a medium saucepan add 1/2 cup achiote and 1 cup olive oil and cook at medium heat for 5 minutes. Let cool and strain, separating the olive oil from the achiote. Another option is to use a seasoning with coriander and achiote. 1 sachet of seasoning is used for every 2 cups of rice.
Course: Rice

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