I guess I’m not the only one who feels like I’m living inside a science fiction movie. The words “pandemic”, “isolation” and “quarantine” generate a lot of fear and anxiety. Always on the lookout for the next press conference or newsletter. It is the first time, however, that all of us, globally, are going through the same storm, although the ships in which we go through it may be different. Generally, we in Puerto Rico are the ones who have a crisis, or it is our friends and / or relatives outside the island who are going through one. Now it was our turn.

  • We would be emotional morones if we did not take advantage of this new opportunity that life is presenting us to grow emotionally and spiritually. What can be the signs that you are growing?
  • When you still say “cheers” to someone who coughs or sneezes in front of you instead of running away. (You practice empathy)
  • When there are two items left on a shelf and instead of taking both, you share with someone who needs it too. (You practice generosity)
  • When instead of focusing on the people who are dying as a result of the pandemic, you focus on those who have been saved, which are many more. (You practice focusing on the positive)
  • When you choose to use the mask and keep your distance because by protecting yourself you are helping to protect others. (You practice compassion)
  • When you listen to the right sources and refuse to panic by repeating rumors. (You strengthen emotional intelligence)
  • When instead of thinking about everything that can happen in a week or a month, you choose to live in the moment. (You practice mindfulness or mindfulness)
  • When you accept this moment and adapt to it, even if it moves your foundations, understanding that this too will pass. (You strengthen your faith)
  • When you recognize that you are vulnerable and do not have all the answers (You practice humility)

This year he is teaching us that nothing is certain, that life is constant change and that we must learn to live it each day with a purpose and seeking to help each other. We can never survive alone. That they are well … that they are happy.



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