Fine porcelain tableware is used for this occasion. The bread plates will be silver plates. Each diner will use four plates.

  • 2 flat, one deep and one for dessert will depend on the selected menu. You will also have your cup of consommé and your cup for coffee or tea.
  • If a consommé is served, we must place a piece of paper or tablecloth on the flat plate to avoid unnecessary noise.
  • NOTE: If we serve salads this dish will be placed on the left side of the diner’s main dish.

Crockery and Tablecloth

The most appropriate tableware for this occasion will be one of earthenware, ceramic or thick porcelain. The bread plates can be made of glass or earthenware.


The cutlery will be made of silver or nickel silver.

  • The forks will be placed to the left of the main course, except for the fish fork which will always go to the right.
  • The knives are placed to the right of the plate with the cutting edge facing the plate.
  • The napkins are placed on the left although there are those who prefer to place them on the same plate.
  • The spoons are placed to the right of the knives with the concave side facing. The dessert spoon is in its proper place in front of the plate.


The cutlery will be made of stainless steel.


All drink service will be used. From left to right we place the glasses: water, red wine, white wine, sweet wine and a glass for liquor.

  • Glasses of water can be eliminated at a formal meal. The flute glasses for the cava are placed either to the left or in the second row between the water and wine glasses.


Only glass water and wine glasses will be used.

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